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Special Olympics Scarf Project

Pattern for Easy Red Scarf

This pattern can easily be varied.

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft or any medium weight yarn (#4)

Neeles: Size 9

CAST ON  24 stitches.


Knit every row for five rows.


ROW 1: K 3, P 18, K 3.

ROW 2: Knit. (Knit all even rows.)

Continue this pattern for 10 rows.

ROW 11: Knit. (Knit all odd rows.)

ROW 12: K 3, P 18, K 3.

Continue this pattern for 10 rows.

Then, alternate the two patterns every 10 rows until the scarf is 4-5 feet long.

To create a border at the end, Knit every row for 5 rows.

Bind off.

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